Monday, November 30, 2009


cafe, bar, and venue!

specials change daily

award winning vegan chili, so good!

full bar and a huge beer selection

the green goblin: veggies, harvarti, pesto on grilled foccacia

cheesy goodness with sweet potato fries

daily special: tofu salsbury with rosemary mashed taters and fried okra. only $8.50

covered patio so you can dine al fresco even on a rainy day.

the mascot

always a ton of great shows to check out. you can discover new music by going to bt's website and watching the videos they have posted for upcoming shows.

Love me some Bottletree! Even thought their menu is great for vegetarians and vegans they also have a meat and seafood.......don't worry. Become a fan on facebook to stay in the know about future shows and food and drink specials.

3719 3rd avenue south
birmingham, al
205 533 6288

Lunch served Tuesday - Saturday (closed for lunch on Mondays)
Cafe & Bar open 4 pm on Mondays
Dinner served Monday - Saturday until 9 pm/ Bar menu 'til close

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chez Lulu

al fresco dining in the fall

daily specials. soup #2 featured below

try and not eat the whole basket.....i dare you

peasant garlic soup. so good and the lingering garlic effect was not bad at all

the tarragon chicken sandwich is yum

i consider myself a connoisseur of nicoise salads and this one if up there

cucumber canape

the back room seems like a fine place for a large party to let the good times roll

they asked to paint out portraits while we were there..... weird, i know

fully stocked bars are the best. they also have a great wine list

some regulars

good ole' continental bakery right next door

This place is really cool and a nice change from the typical southern fare of bbq and such. I really enjoy the way you can get a combination of any of the soups, salads, and sandwiches. Being a bham staple I'm sure most have tried it but if you haven't definitely check them out.

Chez Lulu
1911 Cahaba Road
Birmingham, AL 35223
205 870 7011

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yogurt Mountain

in the cahaba plaza village by maki fresh and them

you get a cup

you pick from a wall of yogurt. it's not a mountain

get some crunchies up on there

add some fresh fruit

and maybe some syrup if you really want to go for it

they weight it @ 45¢ an ounce and.....

wah-lah, you're done.

Yogurt Mountain is always packed out with teeny boppers and soccer moms but it's tasty and fun. All the yogurt is fat free and they also offer a sugar free strawberry which is the best so far in my opinion. yum

Yogurt Mountain
3000 Cahaba Village Plaza, Suite 120
Birmingham, AL 35243

open till 10 Monday - Thursday, 12 on Friday and Saturday, and 9 on Sundays

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Taco Truck aka Taqueria Guzman


look for the sign

the dining room

they post the menu of fillings in the window and cross them off as they run out. tacos are $1.75

best seat in the house

the taco truck has a fan page on facebook, ha!

try to fight the urge to stick your head in here after you can get hot!

this is the extent of their salsa bar. it seems like the heat and flavor tends to vary from trip to trip. try a little test of each first or do what i do and put tons of both.

so good

i don't know if this guy is the owner but he definitely runs the show.
a little tip for first timers you don't pay until you finish might need another taco

barbacoa taco and carnitas quesadilla. my partner had to get fancy and stray from the taco. it is kinda worth it because the cheese is always perfectly melted and wonderful

the usual (i'm getting boring) carnitas and al pastor. i wish i had room for another because i forgot that the barbacoa is the jam here. they do have some of the best carnitas in town.

you might need more than one of these

hasta luego

The taco truck puts the biggest smile on my face. It's just always so tasty and delicious. The salsas, the carrots, the service, the tacos, everything! The only thing is there is nowhere to what, it's easier to just stand near the salsas anyway because you are gonna want more.

Taqueria Guzman
215 West Valley ave
Birmingham, AL 35209

Parked everyday except Monday until about 8pm (give or take)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Out of Town Edition: California!


beer battered maui onion rings. county fair worthy

blackened fish tacos. I have been eating at Wahoo's for about 20 years now! The original location was in my home town and now there are over 50.

#1 chicken taco with rice and black beans. white rice never tasted so good....for reals! i love it so much that i got a summer job at the huntington beach location back in the day.

TACO MESA (Costa Mesa)

they have an amazing salsa bar that includes the best escabeche ever that's filled with jalapenos, carrots, cauliflower and onion......mmmmmm

it was noon in birmingham

the usual suspects: carnitas and al pastor. They also do a crazy good burrito covered in sauce and crema.

MATSU (Huntington Beach)

sharing the teppan table

they have the same tricks at every one.

i'm not a fan of huge corporate restaurants but in this instance i gotta give it to benihana. however a with a cold beer and cold sake all is good.


a true west coast gem. you don't know what you got till it's gone....

even the employees are super

i got so excited about my animal style french fries that i forgot to get a pic of my grilled cheese with extra tomato and grilled onions....holla!

JANS HEALTH BAR (Huntington Beach)

these are seriously the best chips ever. they have this wonderful soy essence and a mystery surrounding their origins.

soy turkey sandwich with the works! they have real meat too. OMG I want one of these right now.

delicious sides. Jan's also does fresh juice and insane salads that leave the table covered goodies


they had the nerve to be closed but this is an awesome late night eats spot.



I have never eaten a hotter (temperature) taco in my life. After several whisky drinks it was a total tease to wait for them to cool. deliciouso

the king

love. one of the beautiful things about los angeles is that there are a million places like this that are all open late. rolled tacos with guac from benitos on beverly!!!


the best menu ever. lunch cost me 3 bucks

i love me a salsa bar!!!! my favorite here is the radish salsa


their website has better pictures of the wonderfully simple operation

under that pile of cabbage is 2 perfect fish tacos

there is a shortage of taco shells in new zealand.

ahhhhh.....home sweet home. I bet you are this girl going to turn into a taco.....maybe. It's just so hard to pass because I don't know when my next Taco Mesa taco is coming and it was kinda like vacation. Excuses aside, all these place are fantastic. If you are ever in the greater Los Angeles or Orange County area give em a try.