Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chez Lulu

al fresco dining in the fall

daily specials. soup #2 featured below

try and not eat the whole basket.....i dare you

peasant garlic soup. so good and the lingering garlic effect was not bad at all

the tarragon chicken sandwich is yum

i consider myself a connoisseur of nicoise salads and this one if up there

cucumber canape

the back room seems like a fine place for a large party to let the good times roll

they asked to paint out portraits while we were there..... weird, i know

fully stocked bars are the best. they also have a great wine list

some regulars

good ole' continental bakery right next door

This place is really cool and a nice change from the typical southern fare of bbq and such. I really enjoy the way you can get a combination of any of the soups, salads, and sandwiches. Being a bham staple I'm sure most have tried it but if you haven't definitely check them out.

Chez Lulu
1911 Cahaba Road
Birmingham, AL 35223
205 870 7011