Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pepper Place Farmers Market

plenty for everyone

Snows Bend Farm

Hudman Farms

Crocker Farms in Bryant, AL. Kobe?

blackberries, now swimming in my iced tea with fresh mint

Jones Valley Urban Farm. Spicy Arugula!

will someone make me a peach pie please?

heirloom tomatoes make me sooo happy :)

summer sangria


eat it fast before it melts away

Snows Bend tomatoes

Country Fresh!

tater salad

Red Rubin Nursery Cullman, AL

the colonel

free entertainment

I have been on the hunt for the perfect egg ever since trying the uova da raviolo (ravioli with an egg inside) at Osteria Mozza. Heaven!

cheese farmers

I get a little emotional thinking about how amazing the farmers market is. A lot of markets say they support local farmers but the majority of their produce comes from California a week after it has been harvested. This on the other hand is directly from the farmers (families). I didn't see one stand that wasn't from Alabama. Stop paying the middle man and support local farmers! Oh, and if you want okra get there's a hot item.

Pepper Place Farmers Market
2829 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35223
every Saturday 7am - noon until October 10th

Alabama Summer Salad w/ Herb Vinaigrette:
Jones Valley arugula
Snows Bend cherry tomatoes
Bulger Creek pecan goat cheese

Herb Vinaigrette:
Red Rubin basil, mint and rosemary
while balsamic vinegar
extra virgin olive oil
and a little sugar

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Olive Branch

you say Vestavia I say Cahaba Heights

baklava. sugar and nuts

love the staff

gyro origins

specials come with hummus, pita, wild rice, fresh fruit, and salad or tabouli

hot day remedy

grilled snapper special server in a pyrex dish!

everything about this dish was amazing

can't stop staring at it

gyro. this was far and away the best lamb gyro I have ever tasted.

house dressing

chicken lunch special. $6.95

al fresco dining

I'm so happy we have another great restaurant on our list! The Olive Branch is casual Mediterranean Cuisine at it's finest. Everything we had was wonderful including the service. They also get a bonus for being open on Mondays.

The Olive Branch
3236 Cahaba Heights Road
Vestavia, AL 35243
205 967 4600
Mon - Sat 11 - 2:30 / 5 - 9

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taqueria Mi Casita

in the Palisades next to a barber shop that is always strangely packed 

the inaugural bite

i'd love to have a bday party here. table for 20 please.

especiales de la casa 

los condimentos 

gotta have a cerveza 

mmmm beer

asada, al pastor, y chorizo 

barbacoa, asada, y pollo 

traditional accoutrements: salsa verde, escabeche (pickled jalapenos and carrots), and onions and cilantro 

under that pile of cheese is a chilie rellano stuffed with al pastor (you get your choice of filling) 

plenty for everyone

pass the onions and cilantro please, i'd like to cover my plate with em

pepto not included 

more cold beer

every great restaurant has cds and vhs for sale, right? 

keep your eye out for Samantha and co.

need to call home?

In my opinion Mi Casita is the best Mexican food in the Ham, or should I say best tacos? It's authentic, super affordable (2 people can eat and have a few beers for under $20), and they are open 7 days a week! My mouth is watering just thinking about a tasty carnitas taco! GO!

Taqueria Mi Casita 
360 Palisades Blvd.
Birmingham, AL
205 870 4406