Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take-out Edition: Baha Burger

Grilled pork loin burger with ginger lime aioli, provolone, and romaine. So Good! The ginger lime aioli set it off! Juicy, well seasoned, and definitely the subject of future cravings. 

Chicken burger with tropical salsa and arugula. wah wah wah......... sadly the chicken burger was dry and the salsa did little to help. 

Sweet Potato Fries with some okra hiding in there....mmmmmmmmm! They also have curlies, salad and fruit as sides. 

Build your own burger. Next time: Tomato chutney, arugula, and provolone. 

The Standards. 

Over all Baha delivered. Next time we'll enjoy it on their patio with a cold beer. 

The Colonnade 
3439 Colonnade Parkway
Birmingham, AL 35243
205 969 7998


  1. Love the food... but would like to know how many calories I'm getting in the Salmon burger.

  2. Wow thanks for this. I thought that Baha Burger was just a ground beef burger place similar to Five Guys, which is why I never stopped by to eat. I always wondered why they would open another burger place in this location, but after seeing this post I'm excited to try the salmon and lamb burger.