Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bottega Cafe

warm tasty foccacia

try new wines....just ask your server, they know.

seared beef carpaccio with arugula and horseradish sauce

the best nicoise salad a.k.a tuna salad

someone is not that adventurous but extremely happy

the end

Bottega cafe is consistently awesome. I don't know why people think you need to wear a suit or a prom dress to go to a cafe? It's casual and open to everyone. Next time I have to get the "white pizza" with fennel sausage, caramelized onions, ricotta, and provolone!

Bottega Cafe
2240 Highland Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35205

205 933 2001


  1. that nicoise salad is amazing! i'm partial to the mac and cheese too. :)

  2. The last time we were there I had a roasted red pepper stuffed with gooey goat cheese and topped with golden raisins, pine nuts, capers and drizzles basil. Simple and an amazing combination!

  3. You MUST try that White Pizza next time--it does not dissappoint! Also the onion dip appetizer and coconut cake are not to be missed! Glad you had a great lunch!