Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Acapulco Bar & Grill

chips, salsa, and queso dip.....the best part of the meal.

crystal ball


margarita? or sweet and sour with a splash of tequila? severed by the pitcher. 

veggie quesadilla

combo thingy 

salty chicken nachos 

steak quesadilla (actual size)

beef nachos supreme 

chicken enchilladas. visually the tastiest dish

can you guess what this is?

AE hasn't ever featured a contributing eater but when you pick up the check for 9 people you get a BIG hellz yah! 

Acapulco is mexican food for gringos. The food is not overly special and I don't think I would ever suggest it, BUT I also wouldn't turn it down if someone else invited me. They did seat 9 of us the minute we walked in the door and the service was super friendly. If I do go again I'll stick with the cerveza and salsa.

Acapulco Bar & Grill
430 Green Springs hwy. suite 1
Homewood, AL
205 941 1183


  1. ...and you wonder why I am trying to move home? Stop this insanely popular food blog, Nikki-nik-nik. Now go bake lil' frank a birthday cake.

  2. i appreciate your honesty. never eaten there but now know what to expect if invited.