Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taqueria Mi Casita

in the Palisades next to a barber shop that is always strangely packed 

the inaugural bite

i'd love to have a bday party here. table for 20 please.

especiales de la casa 

los condimentos 

gotta have a cerveza 

mmmm beer

asada, al pastor, y chorizo 

barbacoa, asada, y pollo 

traditional accoutrements: salsa verde, escabeche (pickled jalapenos and carrots), and onions and cilantro 

under that pile of cheese is a chilie rellano stuffed with al pastor (you get your choice of filling) 

plenty for everyone

pass the onions and cilantro please, i'd like to cover my plate with em

pepto not included 

more cold beer

every great restaurant has cds and vhs for sale, right? 

keep your eye out for Samantha and co.

need to call home?

In my opinion Mi Casita is the best Mexican food in the Ham, or should I say best tacos? It's authentic, super affordable (2 people can eat and have a few beers for under $20), and they are open 7 days a week! My mouth is watering just thinking about a tasty carnitas taco! GO!

Taqueria Mi Casita 
360 Palisades Blvd.
Birmingham, AL
205 870 4406


  1. Agreed. 100 percent. Don't tell anybody or they'll be serving crunchy gordito gringo melts and pouring up margaritas for the Southern Progress lunch-breakers before you can say chimalupa.


  2. seriously? this blog makes me happy and sad at the same time. i can't explain it. but it does. and you know why. I miss you guys and I want to eat those tacos. the great remainder, indeed.

  3. How y'all going to go to Mi Casita, and not call a brother? I'm now heartbroken. But not so much as I am hungry.