Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Taco Truck aka Taqueria Guzman


look for the sign

the dining room

they post the menu of fillings in the window and cross them off as they run out. tacos are $1.75

best seat in the house

the taco truck has a fan page on facebook, ha!

try to fight the urge to stick your head in here after you finish........it can get hot!

this is the extent of their salsa bar. it seems like the heat and flavor tends to vary from trip to trip. try a little test of each first or do what i do and put tons of both.

so good

i don't know if this guy is the owner but he definitely runs the show.
a little tip for first timers you don't pay until you finish eating.....you might need another taco

barbacoa taco and carnitas quesadilla. my partner had to get fancy and stray from the taco. it is kinda worth it because the cheese is always perfectly melted and wonderful

the usual (i'm getting boring) carnitas and al pastor. i wish i had room for another because i forgot that the barbacoa is the jam here. they do have some of the best carnitas in town.

you might need more than one of these

hasta luego

The taco truck puts the biggest smile on my face. It's just always so tasty and delicious. The salsas, the carrots, the service, the tacos, everything! The only thing is there is nowhere to sit.....so what, it's easier to just stand near the salsas anyway because you are gonna want more.

Taqueria Guzman
215 West Valley ave
Birmingham, AL 35209

Parked everyday except Monday until about 8pm (give or take)


  1. Wow! I want some of that! Would be worth driving all the way to Valley Avenue.....yum.

  2. I miss y'all. This is one of the first places you are taking me when I return.

  3. Taco Truck dude is named Jaime. He's a great guy. Don't let the gnarly stuff like buche and cueritos scare you. They're some of the best things they serve.

  4. Wow, I just found you and I am SO happy to read such great food reviews right in my own back yard! Keep up the great work. I now have so many new places to try thanks to you.

  5. I was so glad to read that the truck isn't supposed to be there on Mondays! I tried to go for lunch today and it was gone. I had no idea it ever moved!

  6. His name is Ramon, not Jaime.

  7. His name is Jaime Guzman, I know him very well.

  8. tacos are frickinnnn amazinggggg!!!!!!!! if onlyyy my "best friend" would bring me one....):

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