Monday, September 28, 2009

Yogurt Mountain

in the cahaba plaza village by maki fresh and them

you get a cup

you pick from a wall of yogurt. it's not a mountain

get some crunchies up on there

add some fresh fruit

and maybe some syrup if you really want to go for it

they weight it @ 45¢ an ounce and.....

wah-lah, you're done.

Yogurt Mountain is always packed out with teeny boppers and soccer moms but it's tasty and fun. All the yogurt is fat free and they also offer a sugar free strawberry which is the best so far in my opinion. yum

Yogurt Mountain
3000 Cahaba Village Plaza, Suite 120
Birmingham, AL 35243

open till 10 Monday - Thursday, 12 on Friday and Saturday, and 9 on Sundays


  1. I don't agree on the best flavor being the strawberry it's definitely the pomegranate!

  2. 100% fat free?? Really? No wonder it tastes funky.

  3. It's "VoilĂ ". Sorry, just a pet peeve amongst us French speakers. :P